Come have some fun with goats!

Fun for Everyone

What is goat yoga?

It is yoga practiced with goats! During portions of the class, the goats may be taking a nap, running around playing chase, adorably bleating (the "baaaa" call they make), or climbing on you!  

We have multiple different portions of our class including meditation, traditional poses, goat workout (using the goats as weights or to aid in stretching), goat massage, and free time at the end where you can get as much one on one goat time as you can handle!

All ages!

The goats are horrible at guessing your age and even if you tell them how old you are, a goat never tells! 

Children and adults love our class.  We do not have an age limit and tailor the poses to the individuals in the class.

All experience levels!

You do not need to have any previous experience!  We realize you are here for the goats so we will not  make you strike a scorpian or a peacock pose! 

We tailor our class to each individual's experience.  We can make your experience as challenging or low key as you desire.

Schedule and Pricing

We have goat yoga at 9:00 am and 5:00 pm each day. Goat yoga is an hour long yoga session once everyone is signed in and ready to start.  We don't mind if you stay longer to love on the goats! If you have a special scheduling request, please let us know.

Goat yoga is $100 per person.  Please contact us for special pricing information through our marketing partners! 

Class Size

We like to keep our classes small so that everyone gets plenty of one on one goat time.  So if you are booking as an individual or as a small group, we will keep the class size small.

We also can cater to large groups and have hosted corporate groups, birthday parties, bachelorette parties etc for goat yoga!

If you are a yoga instructor and want to bring your own yoga class out to the ranch, we can allow you to teach your own students and we will handle the goats!

Ad Ons

If you are a serious yogi and do not want to get your yoga mat dirty, you can rent one of ours! We only have ten rentals, so once they are out, we encourage you to bring any kind of blanket to fold in the shape of a yoga mat to give you some cushion.

Want to entice all of the goats to your yoga mat?  Purchase one of our small bags of "goat crack" (sweet goat treats) and they will be all over you!

Yoga mat rental: $2

Small bag of goat feed: $3